On the first Friday of each month, PNOC hosts the “Ignition Talks” as a platform for employees’ professional development. Renowned speakers and leaders are invited to share their expertise and visionary perspectives on various topics. The topics aims to stimulate creative thinking amongst PNOC employees.

Overall, the Ignition Talks aims to empower PNOC employees to be agents of change in the energy sector.

Infusing Minds with Insightful Ideas

The “Ignition Talks” kicked off on August 4 with Bataan Governor Joet Garcia as its speaker.  His inspiring remarks were meant to ignite a change at PNOC.  

Governor Garcia’s talk about Bataan’s transformation was intended to inspire initiative and energize PNOC to embrace innovative strategies and pioneering initiatives, to propel PNOC forward.

Promoting Innovative Technology and Renewable Energy Applications

During the second Ignition Talks held last October 6, Ms. Divina Chingcuangco, the Chief of Party of USAID’s Energy Secure Philippines, shared her insights on the importance of technological innovation.

Ms. Chingcuangco’s strategic vision highlighted the transformative potential of innovation in reshaping the country’s energy landscape, emphasizing the crucial role of technology in achieving sustainable and secure energy sources.

Transforming PNOC through Digital Transformation

Last December 1, 2023, PNOC employees gained valuable insight into the importance of digital transformation, a key business strategy for sustainable growth and innovation.

Dir. Paulo Paje of the UP Information Technology Development Center, delivered a presentation on digital transformation, emphasizing its power to transform industries and drive positive change. Dir. Paje’s expertise in technology allowed him to delve deep into the intricacies of leveraging digital innovation for transformative impact.