Project Description:

The Offshore Wind Integration Port (OSWIP) is an initiative to convert the existing Energy Supply Base in Batangas into a port specifically designed to support the offshore wind industry in the Batangas/Mindoro Wind Corridor. This project targets developers with projects in the area, aiming to provide them with critical infrastructure. OSWIP will offer services including port operations, a designated area for storing and assembling wind turbine components, and a port for integrating these components. Aimed to support the awarded Offshore Wind Energy Service Contract up to 21 GW (as of December 2023), the project will involve developing the existing port area, leveling a hilly section, strengthening the port structure to accommodate heavy equipment, and extending and deepening the quayside area to handle large wind turbine components. By providing this essential infrastructure, OSWIP will play a key role in the development of offshore wind farms in the Batangas/Mindoro region.

Project Objectives:

Provide port infrastructure to support offshore wind development in the Batangas/Mindoro region: This directly addresses the lack of dedicated infrastructure for the growing offshore wind industry. By repurposing the existing Energy Supply Base, OSWIP offers a cost-effective solution to meet this critical need. This will also support the government’s initiative to transition to renewable energy. OSWIP aligns with the national and public sector’s strategic objectives for renewable energy development. By providing essential infrastructure for offshore wind farms, the project contributes to diversifying the energy mix and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Contractual Arrangement:


Project Cost (in Billions of Pesos):

PhP 5.0B

Project location (Region, City or Municipality):

Mabini, Batangas

Procurement Mode (Solicited or Unsolicited):




Plan or investment program alignment: