National Power Corporation (NPC) President and CEO Ferdinand Martin “Nani” Y. Roxas recently delivered an engaging and thought-provoking two-part lecture series to PNOC supervisors and officers, focusing on how to think both inside and outside the box.

President Nani’s impressive background includes a pivotal role in energy policy, notably contributing to the passage of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA), leading NPC’s privatization efforts, and nearly two decades of teaching systems thinking, operations, and strategy management. Additionally, he has provided consultancy services to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the US Agency for International Development.

Drawing from his extensive experience and advanced studies in geology, engineering, business management, and development, President Nani developed his ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ model. This platform emphasizes creativity and innovation and serves as an introduction to his Systems Thinking series.

Upon rejoining NPC, he updated his model to include ‘Thinking Inside the Box’ after realizing that merely knowing solutions to problems was insufficient—execution was crucial. His rebranded model underscores the importance of creative thinking paired with effective execution.

The sessions explored how the mind functions, the varying propensities people have for thinking and absorbing information, and the differences between automatic and reflective modes of operation. President Nani highlighted that mastering linear thinking is essential for survival, while non-linear thinking is key to success.

His lecture on brain functionalities emphasized understanding the distinctions between left and right brain usage. This knowledge helps individuals process and cope with different personalities and situations, fostering self-awareness and potential for self-improvement.

He stressed the importance of context in providing meaning for better understanding and highlighted the value of collective experience in enhancing intuitive insight.

President Nani’s sessions opened up a world of possibilities for our supervisors and officers, encouraging them to approach their work, tackle problems, and create solutions both methodically and strategically. The added perspective of innovation can make a significant difference in reinventing oneself and the company.