BGC, Taguig – The Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) held a groundbreaking market sounding forum and consultative meeting on January 17, 2024 to mark the commencement of the proposed mixed-use office and commercial building development within the Energy Center.

This groundbreaking initiative is strategically designed to harness the power of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), aligning seamlessly with the newly established PPP Code. PNOC’s commitment to governance and compliance is exemplified through this venture, which aims to set new benchmarks for responsible and transparent business practices. Atty. Alberto C. Agra, a renowned PPP Advocate will lead compliance efforts, ensuring that the project remains at the forefront of legal and regulatory standards.

U.P. Professor Rowaldo “Wali” Del Mundo and his team will be the project’s Transaction Advisers, bringing a wealth of diverse expertise to the planning and execution phases of the project.

The recent market sounding forum and consultative meeting symbolize the commencement of an exciting and transformative journey for PNOC and its stakeholders. The company envisions the development as a beacon of excellence, reflecting its unwavering commitment to sustainable growth and innovation.