PNOC Industrial Park (PIP) Management Manager Edwin C. Celzo with Mayor Ace Jello C. Concepcion and staffs during the Mariveles Stakeholders Night

During the Mariveles Stakeholders Night, PNOC received a Certificate of Appreciation for its outstanding contribution to the advancement of the Municipality of Mariveles. The recognition was conferred in honor of PIP’s significant role in fostering development within the community, during the commemoration of Mariveles’ 79th Liberation anniversary held on February 13, 2024.

Mayor Ace Jello C. Concepcion presented the Certificate of Appreciation to PNOC Industrial Park (PIP) Management Manager Edwin C. Celzo, who accepted the award on behalf of the organization. The ceremony highlighted PNOC’s contribution to the growth and prosperity of Mariveles, recognizing its important role in various initiatives aimed at enhancing the municipality’s socio-economic landscape.

Recognized as a key taxpayer, PNOC, through PIP, has played an important part in the community’s growth through employment opportunities and skills development. Additionally, PNOC’s dedication to environmental conservation aligns with its commitment to responsible corporate citizenship, earning the trust and respect of Mariveles residents. As PNOC continues to spearhead initiatives aimed at driving progress and sustainable development, the recent recognition serves as a reaffirmation of its commitment to serving the best interests of the community. Moving forward, PNOC remains dedicated to building upon its legacy of excellence and making a meaningful difference in the lives of the Filipino people.