TAGUIG CITY – On December 14, 2022, the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) and the Municipal Government of Rosario, Cavite signed an Amendment to the Deed of Donation for the land that was originally turned over by the PNOC’s former subsidiary, the PNOC Development and Management Corporation (PDMC), to the said municipality in 2002.

The amendment modifies the authorized use of the donated property from the original intent as a public market to a multi-purpose complex that will include the municipality’s Dialysis Center, Maternity, Medical, and Emergency Clinic, Municipal Fire Station, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council Building, Auditorium, and Evacuation Center.

PNOC affirms its solidarity with its host community through this amendment as this will help the municipality pave the way for the delivery of more social services to its constituents. This also forms part of PNOC’s Corporate Social Responsibility as this activity upholds the interest of the company’s host Local Government Unit.

Signing on behalf of PNOC is President Jesus Cristino P. Posadas while the Municipal Government of Rosario, Cavite is represented by Mayor Jose Voltaire Ricafrente.