PNOC and Turbulent NV have joined forces to drive sustainable energy development in the Philippines. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) solidifies this partnership, aiming to introduce Turbulent’s innovative hydroelectric technology to the country.

Turbulent’s vortex turbines offer a breakthrough solution for clean and reliable power generation, tapping into the energy of rivers and canals with minimal environmental impact. Established in 2015, Turbulent is known for delivering cost-effective turbines that are fish-friendly and resilient to natural debris and extreme weather conditions. With advanced monitoring capabilities and a patented design, Turbulent’s technology promises to transform the Philippine energy market, fostering economic growth and environmental stewardship.

PNOC President Oliver Butalid expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with Turbulent signifies PNOC’s commitment to sustainable energy development. By leveraging Turbulent’s innovative hydroelectric technology, we aim to diversify our energy sources and contribute to a greener, more resilient future for the Philippines.”

Turbulent NV COO Frederik Ragé shared his vision for the partnership, saying, “Our partnership with PNOC combines Turbulent’s innovative micro hydro turbines with PNOC’s expertise in the energy sector. Together, we aim to drive sustainable development and renewable energy adoption while providing affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy solutions for communities across the Philippines. Together, we electrify!”