(left to right): Ronald Conquilla, ASec and Chief of Staff (DOE); Atty. Jay Layug, Senior Partner (DivinaLaw); Keisuke Osuga, President (Marubeni Asian Power Philippines); Atty. Poch Ambrosio, Vice President for External Affairs (ACEN); USec. Rowena Cristina Guevara (DOE); Usec. Sharon Garin (DOE); Raymund Pascual, Country Manager (BlueFloat Energy); Hon. Raphael P.M. Lotilla, Secretary (DOE); Olivier Duguet, CEO and Chairman (The Blue Circle), USec. Sandy Sales (DOE); Ari Natividad, Partner-President (Ignis ZA Global); USec. Giovanni Carlo J. Bacordo (DOE); Hugo Gutierrez, Project Manager (Ignis ZA Global); Sheila Cabaraban, Director (PNOC).

Pilipinas Offshore Wind Energy Resource, Inc. (POWER), a Philippine-based offshore wind industry organization, was recently formed by energy companies to accelerate the transition to clean energy and achieve a durable economic alternative to fossil fuel dependency. The organization’s objective is to bring together industry experts and technical resources to unlock the full potential of offshore wind technology. The Philippines is expected to take advantage of its offshore wind resources, with an estimated potential of 178 gigawatts (GW) in the World Bank’s offshore wind roadmap. Furthermore, the Department of Energy and World Bank Group forecast that the country could install 21 GW in high-growth potential offshore wind power by 2040. DOE Secretary Raphael Lotilla affirmed the importance of PNOC’s role in the “changed environment” and the opportunities for it to facilitate the OSW development contracts of different companies.