PNOC’s Siklab #6, held on February 22, 2024, featured Mr. Manolo and Ms. Marie Escueta, HR and Organizational Development experts, with over 48 years of experience in married life and parenting five children. The Escueta’s shared their invaluable insights into fostering positive change through their Parent Leadership Model, which they have developed and lived by since 1996.

The model emphasizes the importance of education as an approach to effective parenting. By empowering parents to improve their skills and develop a strong value system within the family, they advocate for creating a nurturing environment where each family member thrives. Central to this approach is the establishment of a unified family vision, which provides purpose, inspiration, and alignment of goals, fostering unity and resilience in the face of challenges.

Drawing parallels to the workplace, the importance of shared core values within PNOC was emphasized as essential for guiding collective efforts towards a common vision. Similar to a family setting, establishing a sense of purpose and unity among employees acts as a catalyst for success for the organization. Siklab #6 served as a strong reminder of the impact of collective vision, shared values, and adaptability in navigating transformative changes. By embracing these principles, PNOC employees are positioned to not just withstand change but to emerge stronger and more united towards excellence.